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Product name: led intelligent controller
Number: Led controller-03
Type: led intelligent Controller
Standard price: Negotiation¥
Promotion price: Negotiation¥
Updated: 2014-03-18
1sports unit: Corn Yu
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1000 system features:

1, 32 - 65536 level gray scale control, Gamma correction software.

2, to support a variety of point, line, surface light source, support various rules, special treatment.

3, the controller of single port output, with 2048 lamp.

4, multiple cascade synchronization offline control, play the content stored in the SD card.

5, the 1000 store up to 16 files, multiple files are copied to the SD card.

6, stored in SD card effect should in turn named: 00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led

7, compatible with a single double IC, the single IC lamp, without the CLK clock line.

Note: 1.1000 port loading 512 lamps, the playback speed of up to 30 frames / sec, port load exceed 512/1024 lamp, frame with

Increasing the lamp and automatically reduce the number.

2 control 32 grayscale IC, single port control less than 1024 when the frame rate is 30 frame / sec. Control 256 grayscale IC single port control less than 512 pixels of the frame rate is 30 frames per second.

Note: the output TTL signal, the controller must and lamps for (that is, the controller output and the lamp wire

With the wire connected together), using a differential transmission signal, to this end the lamp must be connected to the differential receiver.

The 1.1000 controller can have multiple cascade use;

2.1000 port output, up to 1024/2048 pixels;

3 when the control of single strand IC only when the DAT controller and GND and DAT and the corresponding GND lamp connected to. When the control of double IC when the DAT.CLK controller and GND and the lamp DAT, CLK and GND are correspondingly connected together.

4 when using the differential signal (signal 485), the controller output signal A and B respectively, and the signal lamp of A (DAT+) and B (DAT-) signal lines connected to the corresponding.

5 when the controller required voltage and lamp voltage is required. The controller and the lamp can be directly connected to the same power supply. When the voltage controller and lamp without at the same time, the lamps and the controller can be respectively with a power supply.

6 the effect of editing software project, select the control model: C-1000-IC model

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