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Product name: F5 (White)
Number: F5-W
Type: 9mm led through hole light
Standard price: Negotiation¥
Promotion price: Negotiation¥
Updated: 2014-03-17
1sports unit: Corn Yu
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F5 Led Through hole light
Input voltage:DC5V
Work Current:0.02A
Punching diameter:9mm
IP Rank:IP66
Size of inner light sources:5mm
Packing:Neutral Packing
The product has the advantages of small volume, high brightness, easy installation,
long life and other characteristics.
Suitable for all types of advertising companies, photoelectric lighting engineering company. This product can choose according to need to design an arbitrary arrangement,
Widely used in various types of exposed punching word decorative patterns and various technological products. According to the floor height selection lamp spacing center distance 3cm-5cm for the best.

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