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Summary this time as a lighting drive power efficiency trick
Time: 2014-03-27 click: 957 times

Summary this time as a lighting drive power efficiency trick:

The 1 main current loop PCB as short as possible.

The experience of LAYPCB, and layout, this not what, fast way is to look at the Dachang works.

2 transformer parameters optimization design, reduce the eddy current loss caused by ringing.

This is more difficult, to master basic knowledge of electromagnetic transformer, design reasonable, the most important thing is patience, even if it is expected to improve the efficiency of 0.5%, also want to try.

3 reasonable choice of switching devices.

This is the cost and performance of the balance, what kind of customer requirements, what kind of devices, but a reasonable. If you want to efficiency, there is no doubt that COOL MOS, low VF output diode

The 4 input part EMI optimization design

If the safety regulations, this part of research more, mainly is the experience.

5 select efficient topological structure

This is the beginning of project selection, such as PWM and QR PFM, the current customers put forward efficiency requirements, to evaluate the topological what

6 select the electrolytic capacitor

Many people ignore this, electrolytic loss is very large, Mr Chen Yongzhen has an article will have a detailed explanation

7 start the part of power design

Under the premise of efficiency, should consider, at present a lot of chip has HV feet, starting current is also growing in low, this is to learn more about the new device, of course, there are additional circuit nondestructive start, I think it is not suitable for LED driver.

8 chip auxiliary power supply optimization

This ST L6562D application documents are pointed out, 15V is the best, but LED generally and for wide voltage output, so my choice is to add a linear regulator, the chip work in 15V to reduce the loss.

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